Transformation Design

Back Story.

In the spring of 2011, the city of Indianapolis upgraded their cycling lanes and signage. As this was the first of this type of growth in the city, and arrived without public notice, much frustration was had by all.

Median Design worked with community members to gain insight, facilitate discovery, and uncover opportunities toward a richer cycling culture, for purposes of handoff to leaders and stakeholders.

Median Design
Rebecca Gleason, Eric Gray, Matt Market, Bella Olszewski, Me, Fushia Skinner, and Kara Wheat


Through extensive research, community partnership, and direct collaboration with stakeholders, we found the causes of these tensions, and decided to remedy them preventively rather than remedially. To that end, we developed a multi-faceted educational outreach campaign in order to change the common perception of the new changes.


The list of deliverables encompassed a wide span, including:

  • Suggested additions to the Indiana BMV Operators’ Manual (p.84-5) and legal code.
  • Traveling exhibit plans designed to pack down into a bicycle drawn trailer.
  • A flash drive containing specifications for the traveling exhibit, all print documents, display panels, assets, and specifications
  • An educational package containing a resource guide, maps of metro cycling areas, flash cards, a board game, and an activity work book
  • Plans for an outdoor safety course
  • Certificates of completion
  • Prizes / Takeaways (T-shirts, buttons, etc.)
Traveling Exhibit


Through successive handoffs to advocacy groups, our research recommendations were enacted as funds developed. Our efforts were successful in that we began a process that has obtained approvals from individuals, organizations, cycling groups, and local and State legislative bodies.