Exhibition Design

Logo at the time of the project

Our Team

  • Ariel Auerbach (Museum Studies)
  • Curtis Bard (VCD)
  • Julianne Class (History)
  • Alex Hampton (History)
  • Ashley Hays (Museum Studies)
  • Me (VCD) †

Back Story

Eva Kor, founder of the CANDLES Holocaust Museum & Education Center, has the distinction of being the only Holocaust survivor known to have forgiven the Nazis. Their Executive Director contacted our team to help their museum better convey that message.


Given the building’s small footprint (and the Board's reticence to renovate the primary area), we proposed a new exhibit in an unguided space in the back.

…And since the primary space was in such a confused state, we gave them ideas there, too.

Existing Floorplan

Existing Floorplan

Proposed Floorplan

Proposed Floorplan

Proposed Elevation


Our research and exhibit design coalesced on Frederic Luskin's Stanford Univerity Forgiveness Project; in particular, the 9 steps to forgiveness. All the details of our research and proposals can be found in our very comprehensive Design Document.

† This project rolled over into a Branding & Identity / Capital Campaign contract for me, beginning soon after graduation.