Skill Sets


Cross-disciplinary Collaboration, Team Facilitation, Presentation, Process Documentation, Procedural Writing, Technical Writing, Design Methodologies (Spiral, Agile, etc.), Charting, Typography…

Branding & Identity

Ideation, Information Hierarchy, SWOT Analysis, Mind Mapping, Brand Mapping, Outreach, Standards Practices…


Front-end Wireframing, Prototyping, Hand-coded HTML5 & CSS3, Javascript Libraries (jQuery, Bootstrap), WYSIWYG, CMS (Drupal, Wordpress, etc.) FTP Clients…


Nearly every Illustration, Photo-editing, Office, and Desktop Publishing software known to the western world, plus a fair bit of 3D Modeling…


Exhibit Design, Human Factors, Narratives, User Biographies, Case Studies

Print, etc.

More digital printer types and formats than I care to list, Letterpress, 1-color Offset, 5-color Separations / Trapping, Laminators, Photography, those ancient stinky blueprint machines, Woodworking (Furniture Design), HVLP painting, Photopolymer Processing, Camera-Ready Negative Processing…


I love making my living in front of code and vector editors because, when done well, good Design fosters face–to–face human interaction, which is the whole point of designing anything to begin with.

We interpolate. We synthesize. We create new things with each other that help us all work a little less hard, get an extra few minutes to spare or a couple extra bucks at the end of the day…

We should do more of this. We should meet and listen and do more things together than write emails and swap business cards.

Everybody wins. This doesn’t have to be as rare as it is.

Stuff I Like

Podcasts & audiobooks. Old Guitars & new amplifiers. Old Motorcycles & new pavement. Charcoal sketching. Apple Computers. Family poker nights. Green jasmine tea. Fishing. Vietnamese food. —Oh, and ice cream. Let’s not forget ice cream.

Freelance Rates

As with most designers, my rates vary by the scope & type of your project, how much of my free time you want to tie up, your responsiveness to the project, and how easy you are to get along with. I very seldom drop below $50 per hour.